M&M Seasoned Breaded Cod

Plate of fish and chips

The seasoned breaded cod from M&M Food Market is pretty decent gluten-free frozen fish. It’s hard to find gluten-free frozen fish as the breading usually contains wheat. This seasoned breaded cod was a nice find. We rate it 4/5.

Wholly Veggie Buffalo Cauliflower

Buffalo cauliflower bites

In my quest to find gluten-free chicken wing substitutes, I tried the Wholly Veggie Buffalo Cauliflower bites out. I tried to find the product on their web site but it doesn’t seem to be sold as such any more. Maybe that’s why it was on sale at my local grocery store! We give them a … Read more

Ristorante Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pizza

Pieces of pizza on a plate

Dr. Oetker has a large selection of frozen pizzas under the “Ristorante” brand. I was intrigued by their gluten-free offering, the Ristorante Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pizza. It didn’t cost much more than a “regular” pizza so it was worth a try. We give it 4/5. I don’t have high expectations for frozen pizza crusts, but this … Read more

Wholly Veggie Pizza Bites

Cooked pizza bites

I tried the Wholly Veggie Pizza Bites for supper recently. These gluten free snacks are pretty tasty and filling. I give them a rating of 4/5. My bag contained seven of the bites. These pizza bites have a cauliflower crust that has a good consistency and taste. The bites don’t brown much in the oven … Read more

Oggi Quattro Formaggi Gluten-Free Pizza

Pizza slices on a plate

I recently enjoyed the Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) gluten-free pizza from Oggi Foods. This frozen pizza features generous helpings of mozarella, asiago, Romano and parmesan cheese covering a tasty tomato sauce, on a surprisingly good crust. I rate this 5/5.

Amanda Lynn Gluten Free Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza

Pizza slices

I tried out the pepperoni and bacon “Take and Bake Pizza” from Amanda Lynn Gluten Free in Anola, Manitoba. This is a delicious home-baked gluten free, dairy free pizza. I rate it 4/5. This pizza comes frozen on a cardboard disc, wrapped in plastic. It’s not in a cardboard box. The toppings are generous and … Read more

Cheeseburger Egg Pie

Cheeseburger egg pie in a dish

This delicious dish satisfies any hunger, and is gluten-free as well! It’s definitely not a low calorie meal, but it is tasty and easy to make. Ingredients 1/2 lb. ground beef 6 eggs Onions 1 cup cheddar cheese Directions Chop onions and brown in a frying pan with a bit of oil for one minute. … Read more

Promise Gluten Free Quinoa & Chia Loaf

Two slices of bread on a plate

I’ve been trying a few different types of Promise gluten-free breads, and I gave their Quinoa & Chia Loaf a try. Before my celiac diagnosis, I liked multigrain bread a lot and I would occasionally try a seed-type loaf like this from Cob’s Bread. Sadly Cob’s is off limits now! This loaf comes in the … Read more

Margherita Pizza from Oggi Foods

Pizza slice

The margherita pizza from Oggi Foods is a decent gluten-free frozen pizza. It has a good taste and the crust has a decent texture. We give it a rating of 4/5. This pizza features tomato sauce with real mozzarella cheese, so it is not dairy-free. The crust is on par with many “glutinous” frozen pizzas … Read more