Lovely Honey Gummy Bears

I found these gluten-free Honey Gummy Bears and decided to give them a try. They are made by the Lovely Candy Co., a great name for a company.

I wasn’t expecting too much from them, and I initially thought they were “meh”. However, by the time I finished the bag, I was pretty happy with them. I’ll rate them 4/5.

"Lovely" gluten free honey gummy bears
“Lovely” gluten free honey gummy bears

The bag contains quite a few of these tiny little gummy bears. You can see from the lead photo that they are pretty small, and I usually ate 3 or 4 at once.

They have a bit of a rough texture to them – they aren’t soft – and they aren’t super sweet. I was hoping for more sweetness, but as I said before, they grew on me.

I would definitely get these again. I just wish they were a little sweeter.

CommentsCould be a bit sweeter, but worth buying again.

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