Amanda Lynn Gluten Free Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza

I tried out the pepperoni and bacon “Take and Bake Pizza” from Amanda Lynn Gluten Free in Anola, Manitoba. This is a delicious home-baked gluten free, dairy free pizza. I rate it 4/5.

This pizza comes frozen on a cardboard disc, wrapped in plastic. It’s not in a cardboard box.

The toppings are generous and pretty tasty. Since it is dairy free, it’s not real cheese and to me the texture is a little “off” from mozzarella cheese.

Label on frozen pizza

The crust of the cooked pizza is pretty decent, on par for a frozen pizza. It is a little thicker than a “thin crust” pizza but definitely not a high rising crust.

The pizza is fairly expensive for a frozen pizza but I believe it is worth it for the quality ingredients and good taste.

CommentsA little spendy.

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