Oggi Quattro Formaggi Gluten-Free Pizza

I recently enjoyed the Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) gluten-free pizza from Oggi Foods. This frozen pizza features generous helpings of mozarella, asiago, Romano and parmesan cheese covering a tasty tomato sauce, on a surprisingly good crust. I rate this 5/5.

This pizza is found in the frozen food aisles of some supermarkets – like Sobeys, here – and is more than a meal for one person. It’s not a diet food by any means, and it has real cheese on it, so it’s not suitable for dairy-free diets.

Black pizza box

For a frozen pizza, the crust was quite good. It was crisp on the outside but soft on the top and had a good “mouth feel”. Oggi advertises it as “the only gluten-free pizza in the industry with rising air pockets”. It had a lot more rise than most gluten-free pizza crusts.

CommentsAn excellent gluten-free pizza.

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