Mi-Del Gluten Free Ginger Snaps

Mi-Del Ginger Snap cookies are a tasty gluten free treat. I tried a bag of them and I think I will be buying more! I rate them 4/5.

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I love cookies and I’m sad that many cookies aren’t available to me now that I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease. I’ve been enjoying gluten free Oreo cookies but I need some variety! Ginger snaps have always been a favourite with me, so I bought a bag of the Mi-Del snaps to try them out.

They are billed as “Swedish style” meaning they are fairly hard. These are not soft at all and are best eaten with a glass of milk or another drink. They have a nice “snap” to them without being overpowering. Each cookie is fairly small but there are a lot of them in the bag.

Bag of ginger snap cookies
Mi-Del Ginger Snap cookies

As I said, I will probably buy these again. Yum!

CommentsMaybe a little harder than I would like

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